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At TLj Creative Marketing our vision is to provide progressive designs and strategies that enable entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses the ability to compete with larger businesses.

THE FOUNDER – Tisha Littlejohn

Tisha Littlejohn Brand Marketing Services“Your website is your brand, and you want your brand to shine! There are so many web designers out there; it can be hard to choose who to trust your baby with. Hello, I’m Tisha Littlejohn and I have over ten years of experience in marketing. I know it’s not enough to just throw up a website and hope people see it, that’s why I have developed strategies that integrate your brand marketing with your website so more people will see it and choose to buy from you.”

The article below written about me paints a good picture.

You can trace Internet Marketing as the ideal lifestyle (and profession) for Tisha Littlejohn through its roots back in the college days. As a computer savvy marketing student; designing came to Tisha naturally. She used to design flyers in the pre-specialized software era using MS Paint and Wordpad. Designing wasn’t the original plan of action and a business as a virtual assistant was where it all started.

Tisha was faced with the dilemma of getting a good website designed for her brand marketing. The problem lied therein. Her designer couldn’t cut it; what she wanted in her heart the designer could not replicate onscreen. Things snowballed from there when Tisha took a refresher from books at the library and sat down to design her own website. Her site was a head turner; the sheer number of people sending her requests to do their designing work was a testament to that.

Long story short, designing became the core point of focus for Tisha. She is a pro at what she does and this means offering a solution to a problem or a source of value addition to an existing setup; as opposed to simply completing the work commissioned. Instead of simply handing over work being the goal; she considers client satisfaction and benefit as her goal.

She can pick out and develop the entire image in her mind based on the client’s wishes rather than specific instructions and her hobbies reflect on her wide perspective and take on things. She has close to 25 years of experience in designing with specific client based projects for the last 8 years.

Tisha’s clientage includes various business –  online magazines, entertainment companies, marketing firms, music industry, health and beauty industry, non for profit organizations and various startups.

She’s positioned herself as a one stop shop for Internet Marketing services by adding content writing, brand marketing, and video editing services to the list.

A friendly tip; Tisha will reflect your enthusiasm. If you’re excited, it’ll reflect in the work she hands over as well. Success is defined as client satisfaction for her; but this shouldn’t mean a client compromises on quality in haste. Of course putting in a good word to others about her wouldn’t hurt.