Top Digital Marketing Trends of 2018

Top 7 Digital Marketing Trends of 2018

Knowing the latest digital marketing trends will keep you ahead of competition.

Keeping up with digital marketing trends is important because what worked three years ago won’t exactly work this year. So you’ve got to update your marketing strategies…

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of 7 digital marketing trends that’ll grow this year. Study the list well, and see how you can incorporate it into your marketing.

The list provides universal trends, applicable to all niches.

(1) Consumers Want More Videos

Top 7 Digital Marketing Trends of 2018Recently, YouTube has reached a higher level of use than Google’s search engine…

This says a lot about what viewers want to consume. Basically, you want less written content, and more spoken word…

You can use whatever platform you wish to post videos. You can do it on YouTube, or publish on a blog.

Or, you could do both.

Switching Writing Styles.

If you’re used to writing posts, you should invest more time in writing video scripts.

The delivery of videos is differs from the delivery of an article. You have to be more conversational and clear…

Finally, a different writing style is necessary for other digital marketing trends. This includes…

(2) Personalized Advertising

If you’re buying advertising, keep a single goal in mind.

Ads of the past focused on 2 goals simultaneously. The first was to attract long-term viewers. And the second was to generate sales…

When writing an ad, focus on one, but not the other.

Your ads must specialize at either conversions or sales.

Reader Attention Spans.

With each year that passes, an internet user’s attention span decreases.

Advertising will have to become shorter and more direct. It must be easy to understand and to the point.

This point applies to content too. And specifically video content, mentioned in the previous point.

(3) Increase in Editorial Native Ads

Native ads have been growing for the past few years. And they’ll continue to grow in 2018.

Native ads are content pieces posted on media networks, linking back to a specific business. It’s a perfect form of online advertising, especially to news readers…

For an advertiser, the more famous the editorial network, the better.

Brand Rep.

Being recommended by an editorial is a branding technique. A lot of businesses show off editorial networks that write about them on their homepages…

This also will be a rising trend in 2018. Because it’s a way of getting customers to trust you easily.

(4) Sales Funnel Personalization

Top 7 Digital Marketing Trends of 2018You’re probably wondering what personalization is…

Personalization means developing a rapport with your viewers – through content and advertising. Your content must speak to the desires of people behind the screens…

In 2018, “1 size fits all” doesn’t work.

Now, while this is a known advertising principle, it’s something that’s less applied in reality. The reasons for that are financial…

The Problem.

Personalized sales funnels are expensive. They require time to optimize through multiple A/B tests. So you waste time.

And, you need a variety of ads to cover many selling points…

Thus, this trend will favor smaller businesses. It will favor online marketers with less products to offer, and generally smaller markets…

Big advertisers may suffer a traffic depression in 2018 and beyond. In fact…

(5) Profit Reduction for High-Influence Marketers

There’s simply too much competition online to make money.

Influencer marketing is an effective method of getting quick product sales. Instead of posting a stock Google ad, famous influencers will personally promote your products, for a fee…

Unfortunately, influencer marketing is expensive. And increased advertising expenses will be a trend in 2018…

Thus, there will be more competition for low to mid fame influencers. And this means that famous influencers might suffer a depression in profit and traffic.

(6) Transparency and Authenticity

There is so much content online that competition for traffic is tough. Also, branding has become difficult.

In 2018, to attract the attention of consumers, authenticity and transparency are needed. Digital marketers will have to expose more “guarantees” of their brand’s honesty.

This includes focusing more on publisher personality. It includes opening room for conversations, and presenting certifications for products…

The excess online competition means that consumers will be picky about who they follow. And for the next few years, they’ll definitely focus on authenticity.

(7) Excess App Use

Top 7 Digital Marketing Trends of 2018People are slowly ditching laptops as a way of surfing the internet. Smartphones and tablets are now more popular than ever…

This leads to the continuation of app marketing trends. Expect to find fierce competition for mobile ad spaces…

Also, expect many businesses to create apps as a marketing strategy. Those will be used to lure customers into subscriptions or sales funnels.

In 2018, app promises might replace free e-books or free computer software.

Hopefully you’ve found these digital marketing trends useful. 🙂

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