How to Improve Your Search Rankings with Content Marketing

How to Improve Your Search Rankings with Content Marketing

Content marketing is both art and science.

The artistic part of content marketing is about supplying engaging and quality material to readers. The science part, focuses on keywords, page stats, and analytics.

Unfortunately, many in the content marketing sphere take content to 1 of those 2 extremes…

Some will focus too much on keyword selections. They’ll try to jam top level keywords everywhere, at the cost of writing quality…

Others will focus on writing quality, and assume that the rest will be taken care of. Those assume that search engines will eventually realize quality, while ignoring SEO.

Improving Search Rankings is All About Balance.

Search Rankings with Content Marketing You’ve got to provide excellent content, without ignoring proper SEO.

This usually means revising content over, and over. You’ve got to write in a way that allows you to add keywords, while appeasing viewers…

There is no straightforward method to learning this art. It’s simply a matter of practice for your writing team.

But there are some universal tips on how to synchronize keywords and quality. This is what this content marketing article will discuss…

We’ll mention keyword tips you can use, that do not compromise your content quality!

(1) Divide Keywords into 2 Categories.

After doing keyword research, you should have a long list of long-tail keywords.

Divide those into “sales” and “niche” keywords…

Sales keywords focus on pages that try to sell products. They focus on pages that market something specific as a goal…

This could be for a product that you’re producing, or an affiliate product of someone else.

Sales keywords are for affiliate articles, and guest posts of other bloggers. Also, they’re suitable as links from sales funnels to your shopping carts.

Always keep content short with sales keywords. Here, density and search traffic matter less. And conversions matter more…

Search Rankings with Content Marketing

Niche keywords focus on the industry you’re in. Use them to create content that is informative and entertaining.

They’re what you’ll use to attract organic traffic, and a pat on the back from Google.

Niche keywords compromise the majority of the keywords on your list. They’re also the highest ranking keywords, since they tend to be more general…

But, sales keywords are specific. Expect them to be a fraction of niche keywords in the amount and traffic they bring.

Use niche keywords for longer content. Pages of blog article, guides, and videos work well with niche keywords.

Why Divide Keywords?

It’ll help you get the best out of each keyword. You’ll know which keywords are more effective for each content type.

For sales keywords, you’ll get more conversion rates. The right keywords will get you more sales for your products.

For niche keywords, you gain more traffic. This could be through backlinks, or it could be through organic traffic!

(2) Short Content on Other Domains – Longer Content on Yours

Search engines see long content as better. If your article to 1800+ words, you have a high chance of showing up on Google 1st page results…

Search Rankings with Content Marketing But long content has drawbacks. Mainly, it lowers the density of your keywords.

You see, Google values keyword density as much as your keyword. The larger a portion it takes in your writing, the better…

If you have a keyword that’s mentioned 3 times in a 300 word article, that keyword’s density is 1%. But if it’s mentioned 3 times in 1500, that’s just 0.2%.

So long content means less density. And it also means you bore readers fast.

Here’s What You Do…

All you have to do is post short content, of 500-750 words.

Instead of putting the short content on your blog, put it on other people’s blogs. This can be through guest posting on blogs in your niche.

Or, you can do content marketing on large news networks websites. You can submit a website pitch to websites like Buzz Feed or the Huffington Post!

This way, you hit 2 birds with one stone.

You’re maintaining keyword density in an article, while creating backlinks. The backlinks will come from websites usually older than yours, which means better ranking.

And speaking of a 3rd bird, this form of content marketing is sustainable. You use less keywords per article, so you can make more articles for different websites!

Pretty smart, right?

Longer Content.

Keep longer content for your domain. Longer content integrates a variety of keywords into its text…

As a result, Google will categorize your website pages more accurately. It will know which niche and sub-niche your content belongs too.

This boosts your search ranking to consumers that matter – ones you’re truly targeting.

Just make sure that the content isn’t too long. Articles that are 1000-2000 words in size are quite sufficient.

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