Social Media Taking the Place of Email Marketing, Not!

Social Media Taking the Place of Email Marketing, Not!Is Social Media Taking the Place of Email Marketing?

WE DON’T THINK SO. Don’t be fooled by rumors of email marketing.

With internet marketing, you always want an advantage over your competitors. And this advantage means exploring unorthodox marketing methods.

But sometimes, being unorthodox can be disadvantageous. Because when marketing, you’re trying to sell to as many prospects as possible.

And this is something that emails do better than social media.

Email Marketing VS Social Media.

Social Media Taking the Place of Email Marketing, Not!It’s a common misconception in the marketing world.

Most people assume that social media creates more traffic than email. But this is simply not the case.

Email is (to this day) the most effective way to market online.

This claim is based on recent statistics. They show that email marketing is more effective than FB and Twitter combined (1)!

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How So?

Let’s unpack that for you.

For starters, statistics show that most people start their online checks with email. And this is for a very important reason…

Emails are the most organized communication platforms online. It’s easier to sift through an inbox than it is to manage FB notifications and post updates…

Social Media Taking the Place of Email Marketing, Not!But also, almost everyone today uses emails for professional reasons. And this makes it a “check priority” when opening up your computer.

This means that most users check emails daily. You have to, in case you get an important message related to business.

So you’re more likely to be seen by prospects when marketing to emails.

Social Media Organic Reach…

A platform like FB puts a lot of limits on organic reach. And you’ll need to pay a lot in advertising to reach a handful of customers.

As for Twitter, organic reach isn’t easy there either. Because you’re competing with a lot of personal and business profiles to get attention.

Finally, there’s the click rate factor. After all, conversions matter more than the traffic you get.

You’re more likely to get a conversion from emails than social media. And again, this has to do with the importance of emails, compared to other platforms.

You’ll get more conversions because your prospects expect promotions.

When subscribing to your email list, a prospect expects promotional emails. And for many, it’s not just expected – it’s preferred.

A lot of prospects subscribe because they’re interested in what you have to offer. And so they’re always looking forward to hearing about your products and other updates.

So Does This Mean that Social Media is Useless?

Social Media Taking the Place of Email Marketing, Not!Nope.

Just because emails are more effective, doesn’t mean you should disregard social media.

You should use social media to compliment your email marketing. This is because social media is a good place to get converts to your business. Check out “Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Email Marketing works!”

For email marketing to be effective, you need a subscribers list. You have to collect emails, and you won’t do that by sitting around and waiting.

You collect emails through social media efforts and advertising.

Also, email marketing is less conspicuous than social media.

It’s difficult to flaunt your email list counts. But it’s easier to flaunt your social media followers.

For example, having a large following on Twitter or massive likes on FB can get attention. It’s a good way to get organic traffic, without hustling for views.

You can also get referral marketing through social media. For example, some of your followers may decide to share your business or content.

Over time, the references will accumulate, skyrocketing conversions.

Beyond sharing, there’s the engagement factor. It’s possible to create interesting and long comments sections on your business page. But you can’t do that with email marketing.

Engagement is important to keep prospects on your page. The more interesting and talkative your online presence is, the better your branding.

Basically, social media is how you brand yourself online. But, email marketing is what you use to sell.

Don’t Confuse Branding With Conversions…

This is why most people think social media is more effective than email.

Basically, don’t judge a book by its cover. Just because you can fine tune your persona on social media, doesn’t mean you should ignore email…

Email is where you’ll get most of your action. And going back to the previous source, emails convert 7 times more people than FB and Twitter.

Ignoring email means losing out on over 85% of potential customers.

Social Media – Indirect Marketing Results.

The effectiveness of social media isn’t obvious at first sight. And this is because it is branding based.

So don’t try to abuse social media for excess promos. This is something you should do with emails, where social media can complement your marketing!

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