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How it is done

  1. Someone you know could use a new or better website
    After talking to friends or customers, you realize that they would probably benefit from my services. That’s great: they will surely appreciate you recommending them a great service provider (that’s me!).
  2. Use the form below to send in their contact info
    Ask if it would be okay if I contacted them; then get the required information from them and fill the form.
  3. We Do Our Part
    I get in touch and walk them through the exploratory procedure. Then, I work closely with them to determine their true needs and come up with a solution that fits their budget.
  4. You Get Money!
    Whenever I receive full payment, you get paid as well.

No website needed? No problem, because I also offer graphic design, video editing, writing and marketing services, and you can get a referral commission for these as well! Contact me for more info.

Enter Your Info & Get Paid. Easy!

Enter Your Info & Get Paid. Easy!