Top 5 Amazing Hints for Creating Subject Lines that work!

Most marketers don’t put adequate thought into creating subject lines. Whether it’s a blog, an article or an email, the very first thing sighted by a reader is the subject line. From here the recipients make up their mind whether or not to read what’s inside. Your subject line is important as it’s the first impression you make on a reader, it’s the gateway to the message which you want to communicate.

Email is a valuable digital channel to market your products and engage your customers. Since internet is open for all, you can swing this sword to get outstanding results for your business. But there are a few obstacles which you have to remove first.

Top 5 Amazing Hints for Creating Subject Lines that work!

Today more than 200 billion emails are generated per day and the average number of emails received by an individual per day are on the rise, as a result the average number of email read by individuals are on decline. Only few emails are read because most of them are either deleted or marked as spam.

Getting your email opened is becoming a growing challenge for the email marketing community. Statistic has shown that around 30 to 40 percent of people decide to open your email based on the subject line. Creating subject lines that grabs the attention and make someone open it is an art form.

According  to mailchimp (an email marketing software), “When it comes to email marketing, the best subject lines tell what’s inside, and the worst subject lines sell what’s inside.”

Here are my five amazing hacks to help you in creating subject lines that are attractive and that will entice your recipients to open your email, boosting your click-to-open rate.

Keep it Short

A consensus has been developed by all experts on the fact that an effective subject line should be as short as possible.

If you can sum up your subject line under 50 characters or in 5 to 8 words, congrats you have climbed an important step in creating an impressive subject line that will compel readers to open your email.

Around 50% of emails are opened on mobile devices and they have a shorter area of display. Make sure your subject line is mobile friendly by simply keeping it short.

If you can’t make it short, make sure important words comes firsts so in case the subject line is trimmed your main idea still floats away to reader.

Try not to be Spammy

Draft your subject line in a way that it doesn’t looks like a spam email. Even if your email makes its way to the inbox, it may be marked as spam by reader, as 70% of people decide whether or not to report your email as spam based on your subject line.

Subject lines with all words in Caps, or with title like ‘You have been awarded $50,000’ are marked automatically as spam by spam filter. Use spam checker tools to make sure your email will land safely in the inbox not in a spam folder.


Your subject line should be written in a way that it looks like a person communicating with another.

In today’s digital world personalized messages are a great way to let your audience see what you have to say.

There are different ways of adding personalization to your subject line. One way is to use recipients name in subject line, for example when marketing birthday deals use subject lines like

‘HBD Tisha, celebrate with us your birthday’.

A person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language. Using a person name rather than Hi, Hey or Hello can increase email open rates.

Another variation of personalization is to market things based on their location.

Always consider the fact that when marketing, humans demand care and attention. Don’t flood them with products and promotions of your choice only. Asking something about the receiver’s interests is a great way to get a click.

Create Curiosity

Another way to grab attention and get your reader to open an email is creating subject lines that have some sort of suspense. Don’t write details of your email in the subject line if you want reader to click. Few examples of this type of subject line are as follows.

“The tool you never knew you needed until now.”

“Things I did to lose 10 lbs.”

These two subject lines will nudge the reader to click and see what that tool is and how to shed that weight.

Try Variations

A good practice is to write multiple versions of your subject line, like 4 to 5 and then read them from the perspective of a recipient, and not as a sender. Select the one which you as a recipient would open. This may take some time but it’s worth spending time on it as it may result in better opening rate.

Keep track of which subject lines result in better response rates as part of your future strategy in developing attractive subject lines, this technique is called split testing or A/B testing.

These are five hints for creating subject lines to get a better response rate for your email marketing campaign. Remember nothing happens until an email is opened. So it’s equally important to spend time on drafting your subject lines as much as you spend on the body. A good ratio of time will be 50:50 for both subject and the contents of your email.

Do you think I missed something?

What are you ideas or thoughts?

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