7 Simple Tips for Creating Boost Ready Facebook Posts

7 Simple Tips for Creating a Boost Ready Facebook Post

Want to increase engagement on Facebook? Boosting a Facebook post as a habitual strategy is recommended.

When you boost a Facebook post, you transform it into an ad. That ad then becomes visible not just to your followers, but also to targeted Facebook users.

Now, it’s easy to boost a post. But what’s not easy is crafting a post “worth boosting.”

After all, boosting costs money. And it’s going to be part of your advertising budget. For that, you must take your time crafting these posts.

This is something we’ll help you out with. Below, we’ve provided a few tips to guide your crafting process.

Following these tips will maximize engagement for every dollar you spend!

(1) The 3-Month Rule.

7 Simple Tips for Creating Boost Ready Facebook PostsIs your post viable for the next 3 months? If it is, then it’s good for boosting.

Remember, when boosting a post, its content should be applicable to different timeframes. Thus, the content has to be “relatively timeless”.

(Example): Take a post about an upcoming seasonal lineup. It could be about summer fashion shorts.

A post like that can be boosted for as long as summer lasts.

(2) Keep a Strategic Focus.

When creating a business post, you’re doing 1 of 2 things.

  • You’re either attracting attention to your business (OR)…
  • You’re trying to push forward a specific product.

For most of your boosting, we recommend you do the former.

7 Simple Tips for Creating Boost Ready Facebook Posts

Boost to attract general attention to your business. You’re more likely to cover a large demographic doing so.

(Example): Let’s say you’re running a bakery. You might be contemplating 2 different posts to boost…

  • The 1st could be a post about cheese cakes.
  • The 2nd could be pictures about different types of cakes.

The 2nd post is the best to boost. It appeals to a larger demographic than “cheese cakes.”

After all, who knows? Only 20% might be into cheese cakes. The others may be looking for chocolate or vanilla!

Basically, stay away from boosting posts that market specific products. Instead, create posts that market your business as a whole!

(3) Countdown Posts for Hot Products.

This is an exception to the previous rule.

Let’s say you have a new book coming out. And you want people to know about it before its launch.

You can make posts to create a sense of anticipation. You can then boost that Facebook post every week or so to get people excited.

When creating a Facebook post like that, make sure to add in a launch date. Also, don’t boost it excessively, as this may seem too pushy.

(4) Use a Lot of Imagery.

7 Simple Tips for Creating Boost Ready Facebook PostsDon’t create boring “black and white” posts. Also, try to cut down on the amount of text you use.

To add some flare into your posts, add a video in. Or, select a high quality image that pleases the eyes.

It takes time to create excellent visual content. It also takes a certain level of graphic expertise.

But remember, you’re doing this for a post that you want to boost.

Essentially, you’re creating an ad that your viewers will see for days or even weeks to come. So it better be good-looking.

(5) Throw in Some Stats.

Stats attract people.

Stats are facts, and facts provide a degree of certainty. This is comfortable to any consumer, especially when checking out a new online business.

7 Simple Tips for Creating Boost Ready Facebook PostsBut also, stats trigger curiosity…

(Example): Let’s say you have an ad that says the following…

“100+ Unique Shirts for You to Explore!”

The word “100+” makes this ad perfect for boosting. The stat will always attract curiosity for your products.

Another example would be…

“The Right Coffee Brand Boosts Attention by 55%. Click to Learn More.”

The previous works wonders for productivity junkies. Show them an ad like that, and you’ll get conversions.

(6) Leave Contact Information.

Boosted Facebook posts are ads. And your ads have to lead somewhere.

Be sure to leave a call-to-action for your post viewers. Invite them to…

  • Check out your website.
  • Call you for more information (leave a phone number).
  • Subscribe With Their Emails (setup a landing page for that).

An ad that lacks a call-to-action is a wasted ad. It might generate interest in your business, but it leaves viewers at a dead-end.

Always make sure your ads lead to conversions.

(7) Keep a Record of Boosted Campaigns.

7 Simple Tips for Creating Boost Ready Facebook Posts

Keep records of click rates and engagement on each post.

Doing so helps you find patterns that’ll increase marketing effectiveness.

You can use the patterns you discover to improve your post writing. This will ensure that every dollar you spend gets you maximum conversions.

(Example): Your stats may show that posts with pictures get more clicks than text only. That’s a pattern that’ll influence future copy writing efforts.

Or, you may find that a “sales call” post get less engagement than an “important announcement” post.

Over time, you can use the patterns you find to develop your own advertising style. So take as much time as you need to test.

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