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When visitors visit your site right away it should be clear why they have taken time out to give your company or organization a look. The answer may come via text in the form of suggestions or questions, photos, videos, or other ways.

Tisha's website design and development servicesFor your guest to be engaged, they should know right away why they are viewing your website. Your goal is make it crystal clear who you are and exactly how you benefit others.

Just like when you are at a networking event and it’s time for you to introduce yourself. You limited time to tell your story. I always keep it short and sweet but informative, “Hi. My name is Tisha Littlejohn. I’m a website designer with 10+ years of experience. I also have a solid background in graphic design, video editing, and Internet marketing. My clients appreciate my service because I not only create for them a well thought out website, but I also assist them with a game plan. Therefore that they never have to wonder, ‘Now that I have my site, what’s next?’ My packages include design & development, SEO, and marketing.”

Right away you have let visitors know what stands out about you. An intrigued potential client is more than likely to browse your site to find out more, by viewing your previous work, reading what your clients have to say about you, checking out your list of services, and taking the steps to contact you.